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4º ESO - COMPETENCIAS - Advertising campaign

(you have to send your teacher all the tasks by email)

1. October 7th: groups and topic chosen
2. October 14th: slogan
3. October 21st: image (you must make it up)
4. October 26th: final product

The oral presentation of your campaign will be on the 28th October. You must include the following information:
  • Explain the process of your campaign: context, recipient, objective,...
  • What does the image mean? Explain it (colour, picture,...)
  • What does the slogan mean? Explain it (type of sentence (affirmative, negative, question, imperative, present simple,... why?), type of letter (big, small, colour,...), position of the slogan, etc.)
If you have any doubts about the tasks or the information you must include in the oral presentation, ask your English teacher.


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4º ESO Competencias

In this term, our competence task is to create an advertising campaign.

You must form groups of three. Every team must choose a different topic. Then each group will present their advertising campaign orally.
Be as creative as you like as this will form part of your assessment.

Possible topics for you to choose from:

1.Attract students to our school.
2.Fund-raiser (school party - solidarity project)
3.'Don't be a couch potato' – (choose an activity and encourage other students to take it up)
4.Gender Violence.
5.Environment – local awareness.
6.Attract tourists to Pamplona.
7.Alcohol e.g. “Don’t Drink and Drive”.
12.Social Networks.
13.Child Labour.

Types of advertising campaigns:

How to design an effective advertising campaign?

Download document

Famous advertising campaign slogans

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